(During a weekend of non-fun, locking myself in from the world, whilst avoiding writing up my evaluation I watched 10 episodes of Breaking Bad, made these pictures and ate chips, fish fingers, pizza, crisps, chocolate…..)

Chloe and My ring 2Chloe and My ringChloe RIngKNOTS 2KNOTSColonel Hathi WallpaperColonel Hathi Wallpaper 2



Oooh, I’m getting emotional now. I’m getting all teary. No I actually am.

So what is nice about this one, is the juxtaposition of the cluster of the batons and then the ones that are far away. It gives a sense of distance and loneliness and also being and togetherness, from being far away.

It changes if you laugh to close to it. SO it has that emotional connection between viewer and piece. It is distinct from the other one that looks like angry bird.

A distinct commonality.

Self expression at it’s greatest.

It’s a semantic minefield.

A romantic view of abstract pattern.

There is only a quarter of an hour left until chips.

A tsunami of envelopes and words.

Anger towards the piece or anger within the piece or anger without the peace.

(Collaboration with Daisy Mae Wright – daisymaewright@wordpress.com and Carol Stagg if she doesn’t mind)


Where do we start?

It is about the depth of pattern and the emotional layers of this bird. This is not stuck down. It is deep and meaningful. It’s about emotional femininity. We didn’t want it to be stuck down because we wanted to leave a trace / presence. It could lead on to an experiment where we could sit outside and just watch it blow away, to signal a sign of our end in this space. The wind blows it away.

(Collaboration with Daisy Mae Wright. daisymaedrawing@wordpress.com)

All of the following images have been created using KWMC’s The Knowledge Newsletter as source material.

Award-winning for print Owl to print Ladder for print Cogs for print Health Park for print Red Paint to print Pumpkin to print Solar Panel to print Turkey to print

Scones 1 Cheese Scones 1 Cake mix 1 Cake mix 2 2 Cake mix 2

Cheese Scones 2Crumbs 2Crumbs mixDaisy cake 1 (poo)Daisy Cake 2 (poo)Daisy Cake 3 

Nikki Brainwaves

Could these images be a game? A treasure hunt?

How would the game work?

  • Scale
  • Form
  • Medium
  • Pupose
  • In what way would it be in fitting with KWMC?

Things to think about, we shall see…

Filing Cabinet Filing Cabinet 2 Ceiling Rail Ceiling lamp Plug Hole 2 Plug hole Temp Gauge 2 Temp Gauge Temp Guage 3